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B2B Capital limited offers cash loans with swift approval within minutes

B-Pay Salary Earner's Loan

B-Pay Salary Earner's Loan can be accessed by employed Individuals either in the Private or Public sector. Employed Individuals can access loans starting at N50,000 to N250,000

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B-pay Micro Loans

If you are looking for quick cash for emergency, to pay bills or for whatever need that requires a short- term repayment, you can access the micro loans starting at N5,000 to N20,000.

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Why Chose Us?

B2B Capital Limited offers you:

  • Loans with quick approval within minutes
  • Loans at very affordable interest rates
  • Flexible repayment tenor
  • Access to larger loan sums based on good credit profile
  • Customized loans for different categories of Individuals

B2B Capital Limited through its B-Pay salary earner’s loan has shown quick disbursal of funds at the time I needed it and has also shown integrity as a Company with my interaction with them.

Magnus Tunji